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How pumping works

Hey ho there curious readers! Squirt here, your personal guide to the pumping community!

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How pumping works

Many of you may be reading about penis pumping for the first time; while others may have spent hours or even days online trying to break down marketing hype to maybe some success!

Fret not my dear friends, because today, we reveal the truth about penis enlargement through vacuum pump technology, a.k.a. penis pumping!

Are you ready?

So let's get down to the basic question, "HOW DOES IT WORK?" Well, I'm glad you asked!

Penis pumping works by forcing blood into the penis by means of vacuum (suction) in a penile containment cylinder.

As you have probably guessed, it works by sticking your penis in the cylinder and pumping the air out, leaving a vacuum.

But what happens inside the cylinder is something magical!

There are TWO types of enlargement that occurs when using the penis pump.

The first is the most temporary, but is the first gain you will notice even after you first pump session.

The second gain is what pumpers term "permanent gains," and involves training the corpus cavernosa to stretch and store larger amounts of blood adding to girth. It also involves stretching of the suspensory ligament which adds to length. To define: The corpus cavernosa is the elastic penile tissues mass around the urethra in the shaft of the penis that store blood during an erection; The suspensory ligament is the ligament that holds the penis to the pubic bone.

So let's get to it!

First type of gain: Lymphedema
For new pumpers, this is the most immediate and exciting result they will receive out of their pump!

During the first minute of pumping, blood engourges the penile tissues of the corpus cavernos causing an instant erection. Over time (during the pump session), the pressures applied to the penis will cause lymphatic fluid, a.k.a lymph, to SLOWLY squeeze its way into hard to reach tissues of the penis where it gets trapped. Lymph finds its way all the way beneath the skin of the penis. By the end of the session, your penis will be at least 2 times as heavy and noticeably larger in girth both in the flaccid and erect state due to lymph. The process of lymph being trapped in the penile tissues is called lymphedema and it occurs where there is improper drainage of fluids (caused by vacuum pumping).

So is lymph in the penis temporary?

Unfortunately yes. Once the vacuum is released, lymph can then properly drain back into the body. The bulk of the lymph in the penis takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to drain. But the crafty company, CTC, have come up with a solution that extends the "just pumped" look as much as a 12-24 hours!

And without further adew! Introducing the worlds ONLY Stallion Cock Cushion! Simply stretch this comfortable & inconspicuous ring around the "just pumped" penis and enjoy hours and hours of horseman superpowers! Where tight jeans and watch people gawk as they take notice your monster. Where loose clothes on a windy day and people will trip over their own shoes! Priceless!

By now, you can guess that us pumpers are really crafty. And for most all of us, we regard lymph and these little tricks as one of the joys of the trade! We hope you can too!

Second type of gain: "Permanent Gain"
For Girth
When you force blood into the penis using a vacuum, you can normally force a little more blood in the penis than the erection can. This causes the tissues of the corpus cavernosa to expand greater than a normal erection can provide. Through dedicated pumping, this extra expansion will cause the tissues to be trained to accommodate the extra load. When the tissues of the corpus cavernosa become so trained to easily enlarge, this is what we pumpers refer to as a "permanent gain" to the penis. This "permanent gain" constitutes the increase in girth.

For Length
For "permanent" length, one must pull more of the "inner penis" out of the body by stretching the suspensory ligament, the ligament that holds the penis to the pubic bone. The suspensory ligament can be felt by stretching out your penis with one hand and poking the ligament located where the penis meets the body with the other hand. The "inner penis" is the length of penis that remains inside the body. You can feel this inner penis behind your ballsac. Oh, don't be shy…try it!

It is the suspensory ligament holds the inner penis inside the body.

When penis pumping, a good amount of stretch is applied to the suspensory ligament, and over time, this suspensory ligament can stretch to become more elastic then before. This will allow more of the inner penis to become externalized or visible to the outside world, adding more length!

But just our luck, that darned suspensory ligament is as stubborn as a mule to stretch! But don't worry, we crafty pumpers have some tricks up our sleeve.

Welcome to "packing the tube."

When pumping, if there is room between your erect penis and the inner walls, the pulling power is dispersed in all directions, toward the cylinder (girth gains) and away from the body (length gains).

But when you pack your tube (no space between the tube and penis), the pulling power is then only focused in one direction, away from the body. This causes more stretch on the suspensory ligament focusing the stretch soley on the suspensory ligament.

Over a dedicated pumping regimen, the suspensory ligament will become easily stretched, allowing more of the inner penis to be coaxed out of the body. This will add to your length to both your flaccid and erect penis!

In conclusion
Folks, as you can see, you can expect two types of gains out of penis pumping. A temporary, lymphatic gain, and a more "permanent" enlargement caused by the repeated stretching of the penile tissues and suspensory ligament.

Each type of gain is AWESOME for its purpose. Most ALL pumpers enjoy the temporary gains because it allows a HUGE increase to size on demand. We use these temporary gains to increase size before sex, to get a nice size bulge in our pants before the gym or club, and it gives us added confidence to go gallivanting around town. "Permanent gains" are fantastic too for obvious reasons, not only do we get the temp gains in the process, but being able to pump your package to new levels is extremely inspiring.

Well, that's it for the Squirtman! I hope this explains the "HOW IT WORKS" of penis pumping!

I'll see you in the next article.

Squirt out!
"Making the world of penis pumping a safer and better place!"

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