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Enlargement 101
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3. How to Pump
How to penis pump
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How to Pump!
Step 5 - Post Pumping Activities

Hey ho there pumpers! Squirt here with tips for a super pump session! Let's get to it!

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Pumping Methods

Step 5. Things to do after a pump session

So now you've done pumping and have just received some serious stimulation down there! Don't release yet, because now it is time to do some post pumping followup.

What I like to do next is optional, but I usually have to take a piss after pumping…don't know why but I do. Your choice

Take a warm shower with your newly found 12oz can of a pecker and clean the cylinder out with water (liquid soap or shampoo if you have it) for sanitary reasons. The warm water aids in blood circulation and cleaning off your package for more handling.

After, dry off and proceed to strap into either a Stallion Cock Cushion or a leather strap (supplied with Dr Joel Kaplan's kit). The Stallion Cock Cushions are little cylindrical pieces of silicone that are great for keeping your penis semi-erect for hours and is THE BEST product for maintaining that "just pumped" look. Again, If you don't have one of these, Dr Joel Kaplan's kits come with a leather strap used to keep the penis semi erect. For these, you must wrap the leather strap around the cock and balls and snap them into place. If you don't have either of these, GET YOURSELF the Stallion Cock Cushion Set with Stretcher Tool. You will not be disappointed.

It is recommended to only keep your penis semi erect for 45 minutes. But for the Stallion Cock Cushions, there are different tensions on each constrictor ring - you can use one with the least tension to keep your size and ensure circulation to maintain that "just pumped" look for longer periods.

Oh, BTW, if you simply can't stand it anymore, go ahead. Shoot off that load!

Well folks, that concludes Zoinkerz' 5-steps of pumping.

Hope this guide was helpful. Just one more thing before we get into ball pumping!

Squirt, out!
"Making the world of penis pumping a safer and better place!"

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