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Editors' Reviews

Stallion Cock Cushion 5 Piece Set with Stretcher Tool
by CTC Company

    Overview | Editors' Review | Specification
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CTC's 5 Piece Stallion Cock Cushion Set w/ Stretcher Tool
Pumping Accessory

Now here is a pumping accessory I cannot do without!

CTC Company's Stallion Cock Cushions cockrings made from surgical silicone that is designed for maintaining that "just pumped look" with maximum comfort.

Stallion Cushions come in a set of five (5) erection bands, each with a different degree of restriction. The Stretcher Tool is designed to efficiently slip on and off the cushions from the penis. In a nutshell, the stretcher tool keeps slippery fingers away from slippery cushions from a slippery cock.

Now the juicy part, the review!

Claim #1
CTC claims these Stallion Cock Cushions will maintain that "just pumped look" for most of the day.

The Result, PROVEN TRUE - We were able to maintain a semi-erect penis for a couple hours. More importantly, the Stallion Cushions were able to hold the lymphatic fluid in the penis for the rest of the day. That "just pumped look could last all day if you are able to keep yourself entertained for that long.

What was nice about the Stallion Cock Cushions is that the donut around the foreskin area was barely noticeable since the rest of the penis was almost as thick as it was when it came out of the tube. The penis held its proportions even when completely flaccid.

We noticed our penis became completely flaccid (no extra blood) at the 2-hour mark. Had we used a tighter cushion, this would not be the case. Again, our penis still retained most of its pumped girth by restricting lymphatic fluid to drain into the body.

Don't get us wrong. Being flaccid at the 2-hour mark did concern us, but only for a second. The reason that this is actually wanted is because, if these cushions did actually keep us semi-erect the whole day, our penis would turn purple and it would fall off!

So when reality kicked in…we were satisfied….we conveniently gazed at some porn….gave our penis a shake…and we were back up to being semi-erect. No problem there.

Note: it is very important to keep blood flow to and from the penis. The trick to maintaining that "just pumped look" for most of the day is to find that perfect cushion to use. You have to play around with the 5 cushions to find the perfect penis/cushion match.You want to have your cushion restrictive enough to keep you engorged with blood, BUT, not too restrictive as to not allow blood/oxygen to pass to your penis. Got it? Good!

Overall, we found the Stallion Cock Cushions an absolute delight for maintaining the pumped proportions of our cocks. They were comfortable, barely noticeable and they are a #1 choice to maintain all that hard work you put into your penis!

Claim #2
CTC claims their Stallion Cock Cushions train the penis from retracting back into the body. This results in a longer hanging member when flaccid.

The Result, PROVEN TRUE - we wore these cushions for about 12 hours after a pump session. After 12 hours we took em off. Woke up 12 hours later and presto!!! Longer flaccid penis! What is up with these things…they make me so happy - JOY!!!

I jumped in the pool the same day…came back out…Balls were shriveled but penis remained long.

"I'm putting my Stallion Cock Cushion back on!"

Claim #3
CTC claims that using the Stallion Cock Cushions will greatly reduce the time it takes to pump up to previous levels.

Result, PROVEN…MAYBE? - The normal level in length & girth we pump up to takes between 45-60 minutes. We do pump longer, but this is what we do most often. Now, we weren't too sure if we were to keep the cushion on while pumping or if we just need to ensure we use the cushion for post pumping engorgement the day before. We didn't want to waste any time so we did both.

The result was that we were able to pump to our normal length 15 minutes faster than without using the Stallion Cushions. Our normal length gain took 30 minutes rather than 45. The girth on the other hand was the same at 45 minutes.

I think this one we might have to play with a bit more. We will have to use an electronic programmable pump and use the same program for both with and without the Stallion Cushion. We will update this portion later.

Until then, 15 minutes quicker is an extra 15 minutes we did not have before. We'll think of CTC's Claim #3 as a secondary result rather than our #1 reason we use the Stallion Cock Cushion.

Works for me…for now.

EXTRA PERK discovered by Zoinkerz Krew
WOW! We found that using the Stallion Cock Cushion while pumping almost completely reduces scrotum suck!

One thing we noticed while pumping with a Stallion Cock Cushion on is that we did not have to deal with scrotum suck (the effect of suction pulling the scrotum inside the cylinder resulting in the testicles smashing on the outside wall of the cylinder).

We found that the extra space that the Stallion Cock Cushion takes up in the cylinder is about ¼ inch. This means that in order for the scrotum to get sucked into the tube, it needs to squeeze around the stallion cushion and the inner wall of the cylinder. Since this is almost impossible, the result is NO SCROTUM SUCK!

This is a fantastic discovery!!! Say you purchased a cylinder with too much scrotum suck (too large of a cylinder), instead of buying a silicone sleeve or smaller cylinder, spend the extra money and pick yourself up a Stallion Cushion set w/ Stretcher tool!!! NO BRAINER FOR US!!!

Once you have the cushions, you will enjoy post-pumping engorgement; hang longer when flaccid; possibly reduce the amount of pump time; and lastly, experience NO SCROTUM SUCK!!! This way you kill many birds with one stone.

Every pumper should have a set of Stallion Cock Cushions! To make things simple and less wordy we have provided you a quick list on what we found were the benefits of using CTC's Stallion Cock Cushions:

  • They maintain a "just pumped look," for many of hours
  • They keep you hanging longer when flaccid
  • They slightly reduce pump time
  • They almost eliminate scrotum suck
  • They are extremely comfortable to wear
  • They help bulk up that penis when wearing loose clothing



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Overview | Editors' Review | Specification

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