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Editors' Reviews

Dr Joel Kaplan Penis Enlargement Kit
by Dr Kaplan Inc.

    Overview | Editors' Review | Specification
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Dr Joel Kaplan's Penis Enlargement Kit
Beginner to Intermediate
Single Stage Penis Cylinder, Pump, & Accessories

Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump is the most popular "professional grade" vacuum pumping system on the market for new pumpers.

What sets this starter kit apart from the crowd is Dr Joel Kaplan's detailed instruction manual and pumping schedule. This manual is loaded with tips n tricks used by professional pumpers to maximize results in the shortest period of time and includes a pumping guide with a one-year schedule to reach your maximum potential. To date, we have not seen such a detailed guide offered to customers from any pump manufacturer. For this reason alone, Dr Joel Kaplan's kit is the absolute essential for newbie pumpers serious about penis enlargement through the vacuum pumping method.

As expected from a "professional grade" penis pumps, the Dr Joel Kaplan's kit comes with a one-handed pump with pressure gauge and quick release valve (a must for safety), a transparent heavy gauge plastic cylinder with quick disconnect and a leather strap for post pumping engorgement.

The one-handed pump offered by Dr Joel Kaplan is indispensable for proper and safe pumping. It allows one hand free to manipulate the cylinder while pumping, while the pump's gauge and quick release add the extra safety needed for safe and reliable pumping for many years. With this handpump's safety features, you will not be taking any chances with your body.

The cylinder is made from medical grade acrylic. We dropped this cylinder many times from different heights on our Pergo floor to test Dr Joel Kaplan's claim on ruggedness -- IT PASSED and this cylinder is TOUGH!

Upon further inspection of the cylinder, we noticed an airbubble in the plastic in the flared base of the cylinder. We checked other cylinders of various sizes and found that this occurance is more common in Dr Joel's smaller cylinders (1.75" diameter) than the larger ones. This anomoly is due to the cylinder mold unable to dispense air during manufacturing process. Regardless, the small airbubbles are only present in the base of the cylinder and do not pose an immediate degradation of the pumps function and usability.

Finally, there is a leather strap included in this kit. Dr Joel Kaplan recommend this product be secured around the penis and scrotum 45 minutes after pumping to keep the penis semi-erect to assist in the enlargement process. The leather strap is 9-inches in length has numerous button-snaps along the entire length of the strap to allow for various sizes and dimensions. Though applying the strap does require some practice to get used to, it does as it claims and keeps the penis in a semi erect state for the duration. This technique is just one of many tricks used by Dr Joel Kaplan's method to unlock your penis' maximum potential in the least amount of time.

From the ruggedness of the cylinder, the safety feature built into the handpump, to the detailed pumping instructions and more, we feel that the Dr Joel Kaplan's starter kit is the best investment a newbie pumper can make on his first equipment purchase. And for the cost concious, offer one of the best values available online at $74.99 plus free shipping for orders over $90.


  1. Q: How often do I use Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump? A: Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump is generally used from 3-5 times per week for about 20 minutes to an hour per session.
  2. Q: My penis is shorter than when I was 21-years old. Will Dr Joel Kaplan's penis enlargement system make it bigger? A: Most men, as they reach their late 30's suffer from "penis shrinkage." The penis pump will immediately bring the penis back to its original size where you were at age 21.
  3. Q: Is Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump safe? A: Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump enlargement system is totally safe, healthy, and FDA registered. It strengthens your erection and can help resolve penis erectile dysfunction.
  4. Q: Can the Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump help with premature ejaculation? A: Yes, use Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump just before having sex, and the pumps pressure will desensitize the penis shaft temporarily to slow down the ejaculation process.
  5. Q: Can I use Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump if I'm not circumcised? A: Yes. When using Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump, it makes no difference whether your penis is circumcised or not.
  6. Q: What age group or type of men use Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump? A: Men of all ages and types use Dr Joel Kaplan's penis pump. Straight, gay, high-income, low income, body builders, and jocks, all use and enjoy the effectiveness of the vacuum pump.


  1. Dr Joel Kaplan's Vacuum Pump System is a FDA registered medical device.
  2. Penis Cylinders are made with Medical Grade Acrylic, making them more durable, functional, and longer lasting.
  3. Penis Cylinders are injection molded. Making them on solid, seamless piece, so they will never crack and are easy to clean.
  4. Penis Cylinders are anatomically correct and tapered, to fit the contours of the penis. This prevents swelling below the penis head and prevents the penis from getting stuck within the cylinder.
  5. Penis Cylinders are flared at the base, so they will not stick painfully into the body while pumping.
  6. Penis Cylinders are 9-inches long, giving you more potential for growth.
  7. Dr Kaplan's Penis Pump Enlargement System comes with an indispensable instruction manual protected under Copyright laws.
  8. Dr Kaplan's Penis Pump Enlargement System can help resolve premature ejaculation and reverse mild penis curvature.
  9. Will reverse penis shrinkage due to age or medication.

So we say if you are a newbie pumper: go with the expert, Dr Joel Kaplan! You can't afford not to!

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Overview | Editors' Review | Specification


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Customer Reviews for DR Joel Kaplan's Enlargement Kit

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For the record; I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with your products, the two Dr Joel Kaplan cylinders you sent me worked real well, perhaps too good. The 3.5, I am filling everything but the last inch, so in the next few months or so I would have no more room to grow. The 2.25 is doing real well. At the beginning back in 1997 when I purchased my Dr Joel Kaplan pump I was not so successful because I was only using the pump for 20 minutes. The biggest change was done when I went from 20 minutes to one hour. Now I do it 1:15 EVERYDAY, back in the early days I was 3.5" long now I am up to 6.5" and growing, not bad considering that I am 53 years old.Thanks a lot Mr. Nick
Tito S

Hello, I want to post my results; in hope others will follow suit. Not for competitive reasons - but for inspiration! I started pumping 3 weeks ago with both the first and second cylinder. I have usually pumped with the Dr Joel Kaplan Kit every other day for 40 minutes total - but have missed several days.
My measurements before: length= 6.5", girth = 4.75"
measurements today: length = 7", girth = 5.50"

Hey Nick
Pumping's been great! Here are the before and after results from my Dr Joel Kaplan 2.25 inch diameter tube. Pump time was 1-hour.
Soft Length: 5 inches
Soft Girth:  5 Inches
Hard Length: 7 inches
Hard Girth:  6 inches
Soft Length: 6.5 inches
Soft Girth:  6 inches
Hard Length: 7.5 inches
Hard Girth:  7.5 inches
B/R Sparx10


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