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Product Overview

MonsterTube Jr.
by MonsterTube

    Overview | Editors' Review | Specification
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MonsterTube's MonsterTube Jr.
Specialty Penis & Scrotum Cylinder

The good: Review Cumming Soon!

The bad: Review Cumming Soon!

The bottom line: Review Cumming Soon!

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Overview | Editors' Review | Specification


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Customer Reviews for the MONSTERTUBE JR.

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Wow! What a Valentine's Day gift! There is GREAT genius behind it!

Thursday, Feb 15th: The pump arrived. I would have been really "bummed" if the tubes came first (if you know what I mean). It would have definitely gone crazy!

Friday, Feb 16th: Everything came at once -- the tubes, the "buddy connector" and video, and all the rings from Pump Toys! I came about 9pm!

It's hard to believe that "Master E" is the "genie-in-the-bottle"! Using only the cream and a good hand massage (and without any hot towels yet), I got a 5 inch rod and 12 inch balls after an hour-and-a-half! I probably could have gone longer, but I got another inch out of my rod during the last massage, and worked one out! I almost blew a hole in the dry wall from about 5 feet back! I never shot a load like that before as long as I can remember. I didn't think that I had that much in me, and I don't know where all that was "hiding"! And, yes, I work one out about every other day! I guess I don't need to take any more "zinc additives" just to maintain a good load after 50! This pump does it all! I'm amazed how I can get hard in this pump, when other articles I read stated not to get your hopes too high! Boy, were they wrong!

I'm really glad I ordered the rings. I haven't used the MT3 rings yet, because the cream does a good job making a good seal. But, you may want to encourage anyone else to get the multi-purpose flex rings. The "real beauty" of these rings is that you can get an awesome seal at the base, and can jack-off in the tube! So, you can have your cake and eat it too! Also, with this seal, you really don't need much pressure! I kept about 3-5 pounds pressure!

Saturday, Feb 17th: Did a 1 hour session without any relief just using the cream and a good message before breakfast! Got another 5 inch boner and up to 13 inches on the balls! I couldn't hold back again after the hour was up, and shot off another amazing load! Again, I don't know where that was hiding, but it's nice to know that this tube finds all my "hideouts"!

After lunch I used the "hard hat diving bell" (the Monster Tube) for the first time! And wow, what a trip! I can get in without opening the shell, but the real beauty of this is that I can use the Monster to keep form and the size!

Saturday night I got "brave" and got into my skin-tight Joey Ramone stretch blue jeans (see "Slash-n-Burn" web site, if interested). And, I had to lay down flat on my bed in order to zip up! You can't hide nothing, now, after a "tube job"! I got some gas that night, and an awesome stare from the attendant when I cashed out! What a stare! Very few words were spoken, except for a "thanks for coming"! I don't think I'll forget his eyes for a long, long time! I had a definite 5 inch rod, and 11 inch sacs! I know, because I measured everything before I zipped up! What a package! After that little experience, I know I'll definitely be adding into my wardrobe with a new set of briefs and thongs!

Please send my "thanks" to "Master E" for the extra gaskets and wing nuts! I definitely appreciate that! It's a good sign of a good businessman! Also, send my "thanks" to Dan at Pump Toys, and my "thanks" to you for (1) answering the phone and talking with a real voice (instead of a recording), (2) the DVD, and (3) all the prompt shipments! I really gave it a couple of thoughts about buying from your web site, because e-Bay was there. I had 3 bad experiences buying stuff from e-Bay, and will not go back to them because they only deal by e-Mail, no phone! Some purchases can go into the couple of thousand dollars, and when you get this "high", I need a human voice on the other end!

Also, could you please send me your recommendations on the next tube. I believe you said that Pump Toys had a good unit. I'll try to send you some pics in the future. I took a couple, but they didn't come out too focused! I wonder why!?

Thanks again for everything! These tubes are 'no bullshit', and I guess (like with anything these days) you simply get what you pay for!

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