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Editors' Reviews

BullMaster penis & scrotum cylinder
by PumpToys

    Overview | Editors' Review | Specification
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PumpToy's BullMaster
Specialty Penis & Scrotum Cylinder

The BullMaster is the only penis & scrotum cylinder available that consistently shapes the penis and scrotum in the BullMaster mold.

If you are familiar with PumpToy's LongJohnny, then you will be very familiar with the BullMaster because the BullMaster comes from the same rugged cylinder stock as the LongJohnny. Read about the LongJohnny here.

The basic cylinder stock of the BullMaster is a tough 3/16 inch thick cylinder, 4 inches in diameter with a customizable length from 7-9 inches or more if necessary. Like the LongJohnny, it comes with the standard vinyl STJ precision seal or an optional silicone seal...

...but this is where the similarities stop!

The BullMaster goes one step further. Instead of flaring out the cylinder to a 5" diameter to become a multi stage cylinder, the BullMaster "bubbles" out portions of the cylinder to coorespond with the natural contours of the penis & scrotum. There are two teardrop bubbles for each testicle and one large teardrop bubble for the penis.

The measurement from the bottom of the cylinder to the top of the penis bubble is 5 inches internal diameter.

The measurement from the left testicle bubble to the right testicle bubble is 5.5 inches internal diameter.

Again, the base cylinder itself is 4 inches internal diameter. With the vinyl or silicone seal, the base becomes restricted to a 2.75 inch opening and offers an optimal airtight seal while the independent seal separation allows a HUGE 4" exit!

The overall length is custom sized to match the BullMaster mold to the length of your penis.

In our tests, the penis & scrotum mold actually eliminated genital distortion when pumping huge! Both penis & scrotum followed the mold exactly and came out looking like a charm. The penis remained round (cylindrical) and the balls were teardrop shaped as advertised! NOTE: When packing out a straight walled single stage cylinder, the testicles become elongated and come out in the shape of the cylinder while the penis sometimes becomes distorted because of minimal room and direction to grow.

The BullMaster worked well as a standard penis & scrotum cylinder when the cylinder could not be packed wall to wall (bubble to bubble).

With all PumpToy's penis & scrotum products, we find the seal to be an indespensible tool for comfort and maintaining an airtight seal for long pump sessions. The seal will add about a 1/2 inch to the overall length of the tube so that must be taken into consideration when customizing the length. See PumpToy's BMC Fitting Guide

Another great feature of the BullMaster is that the female connector is mounted offset from the center of the cylinder, making it easier to wet-pump sitting in an upright position!

The only two drawbacks that we could find was:

1) The understanding & application of the BMC Fitting Guide - Pumptoys' proprietary guide on how to measure your penis & scrotum for customizing the BullMaster to fit your dimensions. We had to read this manual several times before we felt comfortable measuring ourselves for the BullMaster.

2) Sizing. The BullMaster mold cannot be utilized correctly without the proper sizing of the penis and scrotum. For example, if your pumped testicles do not fit in the BullMaster ball bubbles, then the shaping feature of the BullMaster are not utilized.

In Conclusion
The BullMaster IS THE ONLY alternative for shaping the pumped penis & scrotum! If you concern is your pumped shape, the BullMaster is your easy #1 choice! We consider the BullMaster is a first-class replacement penis & scrotum cylinder when graduating from a single stage cylinder such as a Dr Joel Kaplan "2nd expansion" cylinder or multi stage tube such as PumpToy's LongJohnny! Accurate penis & scrotum measurements are a must to get the full benefit of the BullMaster penis & scrotum cylinder.

Graduation out of the ASTJ, Bullmaster or Monster-Tube Jr. will put you into a Bullmaster Magnum or a full-sized Monster-Tube.

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Overview | Editors' Review | Specification


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Customer Reviews for PumpToys BullMaster

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I have just finished my third session in my new BULL cylinder. It takes me a while to get big enough to start hitting the contours, but then it starts moving to the shapes, just like you said it would. I still haven't filled it up, but I see a remarkable difference when I come out. Can't wait to get it full to the brim! Wild product, great job. Thanks!
Reviewed by Bonkers

The BullMaster Cylinder arrived today. I've never pumped so large, WOW! Thanks!
Reviewed by MF

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