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Product Overview

BullMaster penis & scrotum cylinder
by PumpToys.

    Overview | Editors' Review | Specification
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Price: $312.95-369.95 & eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $90.
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PumpToy's BullMaster
Specialty Penis & Scrotum Cylinder

The good: Shapes penis & scrotum to the BullMaster mold (keeps penis round); thick 3/16" acrylic sidewall construction; offset female connector for wet pumping; vinyl or optional silicone seal for comfort; and the only one of its kind!

The bad: Difficult sizing instructions.

The bottom line: For intermediate sized pumpers who are outgrowing their 4-inch tube. The only alternative for those wanting to always pump to a a consistent shape.

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Overview | Editors' Review | Specification


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Customer Reviews for PumpToys BullMaster

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I have just finished my third session in my new BULL cylinder. It takes me a while to get big enough to start hitting the contours, but then it starts moving to the shapes, just like you said it would. I still haven't filled it up, but I see a remarkable difference when I come out. Can't wait to get it full to the brim! Wild product, great job. Thanks!
Reviewed by Bonkers

The BullMaster Cylinder arrived today. I've never pumped so large, WOW! Thanks!
Reviewed by MF

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