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Company Profile
Developer & Manufacturer of the
"World's Only Hinged Vacuum Tube"

Company Overview
Monster-Tube is the developer and manufacturer of the MonsterTube product line -- The only hinged penis cylinders available in the world!

The design of the MonsterTube was developed by the 30+ year veteran penis pumper and morph man, Master E, whose huge endowment lead to the invention of the MonsterTube, the only tube available in the world that can accomodate HUGELY PUMPED PACKAGES!

At 12-inches in length and up to 7-inches in diameter, the MonsterTube is definetly not for beginners!

MonsterTube's patented design has a bolted steel hinge on one side of the tube and 3 bolt-holes spaced around the opposing edge for enclosing the tube around the penis and scrotum. Not only does this 2-piece hinged tube ensure your package never gets stuck, but the unique bulbous shape allows for a seal at the base yet provides vast amount of pumping space for the penis and scrotum to fill up!

The MonsterTube is made specifically for men with huge endowments and will minimize genital distortion and eliminate the ability of hugely pumped men to "get stuck!"

<UPDATE February 01, 2006 >

Master E makes smaller MonsterTubes!

The design innovations of the MonsterTube is now available to all categories of penis pumpers worldwide!

Master E from manufactures a smaller version of the MonsterTube, called MonsterTube Jr. No more is the unique design exclusive to only the hugely endowed!

Get the product details here!

Master E has raised the bar for innovation in the penis pumping industry for the massive scale! His hinged MonsterTubes are still the only option for massively pumped endownments to never become stuck inside a tube ever again!

And now with the design of MonsterTube Jr., the rest of the world can enjoy Master E's innovation.

Awesome job Master E!

Overview written by the Zoinkerz Staff



Below pics are of the MonsterTube Jr.
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Read the Full Product Review






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